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In the year 1963 a young twelve year old boy named Andrew Evans witnessed his first car race. The race he witnessed was a Can-Am race. This race marked a turning phase in his life. True many boys during that time wanted to become race car drivers, but only a few like him where able to transform that dream into reality.

Andrew Evans started his racing career like most newcomers did, that is by paying his dues. Newcomers to this sport had to prove themselves before they accepted. They had to take their cars from one racing track to another. These racing tracks were located across the country. They also had to keep their engines in top shape at the same time. Another thing was that they had to fulfill their administrative duties by themselves. He did all the above by himself. The newcomers raced with a hope of building a very strong reputation for themselves. They hoped that this reputation will allow them to race professionally one day.

Evans saw that his experience with engines would enable him to continue his racing career. He started an engine restoration firm by the name of Scandia Engineering. This firm enabled him not only finance his career, but also kept him up to date with the latest development in the automotive industry.

Andrew Evans after sweating and toiling for many years was finally able to become a professional racecar driver. The International Motor Sports Association in the year 1990 accepted him into their ranks. He was viewed upon as a promising racecar driver. This enabled him to race on tracks that where famous throughout the world.

Evans after racing for sometime felt the need to start his own team. He started his own racing team in the year 1994. His team was called Team Scandia. He was able to convince many of the top drivers at that time to join his team. With these drivers in his team, it became quite formidable in the racing sport.

Marilyn Sharon has worked in the auto racing field for many years. She has written articles on the auto racing. She has done quite an extensive research into Andrew Evans.

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Andrew Evans, loved racing

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This article was published on 2010/12/06