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Andy Evans witnessed his first Can-Am race in the year 1963. He was only a twelve year old boy at that time and his love for auto sports started. He was thrilled by the very thought of a high octane competition. The level of dedication he showed for the sport only a few people are capable of showing. Unlike other kids of the same age, he had both the talent and tenacity to turn his passion into a career.

Andy Evans started his racing career during the middle period of the 1980s. During the first years of his career he had to overcome many difficulties. Besides having to prove himself on the track he had other problems. He had administrative obligations to fulfill. He did not have a crew to help him maintain his car while he traveled from one racing event to another.

By the year 1990 he proved that he was capable of being a successful racecar driver. Thus he was allowed to join the Camel GT Lights class of the International Motor Sports Association. Being admitted into this class hinted that Andy was capable of reaching great heights in this sport. He proved this within a few years by racing on courses that were considered as some of the best in the world. He however had more adventures awaiting him during the 1990s.

During the early years of his racing career he had setup an auto restoration company by the name of Scandia Engineering. During the 1990s when his racing career was progressing he felt another burning desire to form a racing team of his own. His team would consist of spirited professionals and its name was Team Scandia.

In the year 1994 Andy Evans convinced drivers like Eric van de Poele, Eliseo Salazar, Fermin Velez, and Michele Alboreto to join his team. These drivers were some of the best in the world.

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Andy Evans and racing

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This article was published on 2010/12/06