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Greyhounds racing inception dates back to the mid 1800's when it became one of the most enjoyed sports enjoyed by a range of spectators. Although the sport met with various field challenges. Racing greyhounds came back on track after the Second World War when a group of spectators, one of the largest of its kind for a sport, collectively watched the greyhounds racing events.. Since then with new mediums of sporting and entertainment derived, there was a downfall in the popularity of greyhound racing events. Moreover, taxes were put on the betting of racing dogs.

In the last 10 years, greyhound racing bounced back with new developments. Far better track facilities and well trained dogs made the event more enjoyable. The sporting complex that shows greyhounds racing has more superior amenities than in previous years, which keeps the spectators coming back. Special areas for kids keep them good company.

If you want to learn more greyhound racing, look at the dogs in general to judge their build. Checkout their form in past races and try to handicap other factors discussed below to identify the potential of a bet.

The thinnest one will run the fastest is not a concept that sells anymore. Try and look at the names of the dogs and see if you can identify anyone as a last time winner. You should try and pass initial races as its just a warm-up for most of the dogs like in any schooling race. The actual start of race happens a little later where the greyhound race against other dogs creating a fun and sometimes a troublesome event. To narrow down your search for that one dog to place a bet, a lot of quick analysis's are to be completed.

Look at any two races and check the names of the dogs on the right side. You will end up seeing repeated names. Which means you should avoid those dogs that came in the last 2 spots. Check the names of new additions to the next race. If there was a name that came first in the last race, may probably win the next one (the chances are it may come second). Otherwise, its time to analyze every other dog the same way. Check their 1/8th call to find results of their last race. Circle the ones which are moving up in their grades.

The dogs can end-up in a trouble zone which means they run after other dogs chasing them out of the field and are going to make you a big zero. If the list of names has most troubles, you should pass it. Always remember, what has happened before has a good chance of happening once again and so you should avoid such picks.

Have patience as you will get the feel and understanding of the greyhounds racing as it moves on when you choose a dog to play your bet. Understanding greyhounds racing isn't easy, but these few tips should send you on your way.

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Greyhounds Racing Advice

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This article was published on 2010/09/28