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Ever been to the races? No? You need to go. It's a great day out. Much more than that, it's a wonderful day out. The smell of the turf, the roar of the crowds, the athletic spectacle of the natural beauty of the horses, the giddy excitement of holding that winning ticket, the crushing disappointment of seeing your outside bet overtaken in the final furlong. All emotions are there – and all in one day. Race tracks do provide the whole package!


If you go, get there nice and early. Find a spot that gives you great views of the track, as close to the horses as you can, and most importantly, a clear sight of the finish line. Of course you have to check out where the refreshments are and a route to the bathroom after a nerve-jangling photo finish. You also have to make sure you know where and how to place your bets. But, the track is the thing.


Originally dubbed the 'Sport of Kings,' horse racing has wide appeal. It doesn't matter your age, gender, income, religion or nationality, a day at the races offers something for everyone. Wherever you are, there will be a race track near you. You may even be surprised to find one on your doorstep.


Search the papers or online, find out when the next race day is coming up and get yourself there. Oh, and only take money you can afford to lose. Not everyone picks a winner first time. Beginner's luck was a term invented by a bookmaker! Even if you are confused by all the jargon surrounding the betting stalls or you can't get your head around 'the odds', you will find someone to help you out and place your bets on the horse with the name of your first love or the one that reminds you of a song you like.


Gone are the days when a visit to the races meant dealing with shady people and loutish behaviour. Many tracks now have ample facilities to make your experience clean and comfortable. Video screens help with close-ups for those unable to get the best views. There are other attractions to occupy you between races or to keep kids entertained.


All around the world people enjoy the thrill of the race track. Whether you are at a small local track with only a small meeting or if you are attending one of the instantly recognizable races such as the Kentucky Derby, or Grand National or L'arc de Triomphe, you are sharing with others the joy of horse racing and the camaraderie this brings.


And who knows? You may have that lucky streak, you may just pick the names that turn up trumps and end up winning a small fortune. But even if you only gain a few extra bucks or a handful of torn betting slips, you will more than likely return to the race track again, for once never seems quite enough

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Race Tracks

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This article was published on 2011/04/28